Your Oasis Awaits

All Of Our Classes Are Sequenced to Thoughtfully Curated Instructor Playlists

*Most Evening Classes Incorporate Candlelight*

Sculpt Yoga

This strength-based flow incorporates hand weights and cardio bursts to lend additional resistance and toning to poses and sequences.  A full-body experience that will lengthen, strengthen and amp up your yoga practice. 


Cycle + Flow

Our signature hybrid class combines an accelerated 30-minute ride with a 30-minute Level 1-2 flow class focused on hip openers, core work, and upper body strength. The perfect hour.  Full body cardio, strengthening, and flexibility are the total package. 

Vinyasa Flow

A flow of poses connected to the breath meets with poses that challenge you to learn something new and enhance your practice. Surprise yourself and learn what your body is capable of.  These classes typically move through a warm-up and Sun Salutations into specifically sequenced postures, working toward a particular peak pose or concept. You will sweat, stretch, strengthen, clear your mind, and leave feeling accomplished.

Briana Yoga Page.JPG


Experience this restorative, candlelit class focused on gentle movement to warm the joints.  With a primary focus on flexibility and regeneration, both physically and mentally, you will leave feeling grounded and soothed from whatever your body has been through this week. 


Anusara All Levels

Anusara Yoga, which can be translated to mean  “to flow with Grace”, is a Hatha yoga system that uses the Universal Principles of Alignment, a heart-centered theme each class, and a community environment to connect the mind, body and spirit with intention, action, and play. You can expect to hold poses rather than move in and out quickly.  Every class is sequenced and planned to give each student a full, enriched experience.