More than a Manual - Learn to Perform and Command a Room, Curate a Master Playlist, and Crush Your Cardio Goals!


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4 weekends of training INcLUDES 12 hours of WORKSHOPS on the bike WITH HYPE MASTER INSTRUCTORS

Unlimited Free Classes While You Train with 24 Classes required for certification


Sessions are from 1-4pm on Saturday and Sunday

Weekend 1: September 21-20
      Instructional Seminars

Weekend 2: SEPTEMBER 28-29
     Workshops and Practice on the Instructor’s Bike

Weekend 3: October 5-6
     Workshops and Practice on the Instructor’s Bike

 Weekend 4: October 12
SATURDAY ONLY: Test Out + Certification


  • If training for a different studio, Classes can be taken at THE TRAINEE’s home studio

  • Seminars + WORKSHOPS include 6 hours of DIRECT INSTRUCTION + 12 hours of practice in

    • Anatomy + Science of Cycling

    • Terminology + Key Equipment

    • Bike Setup

    • Positions + Form

    • Safety + Injury Prevention

    • Student Interaction + Time Management

    • Sequencing a Ride

    • Technique

    • Cueing + Coaching

    • Music + Rhythm

    • The Business of Instruction + Social Media Branding

  • TRAINEES will gain confidence COMMANDING A ROOM AND performing in front of a CLASS with MANY opportunities to demo and instruct OTHER TRAINEES IN A JUDGEMENT-FREE, HIGH-ENERGY ENVIRONMENT

  • TRAINEES will learn to curate a playlist based on their music tastes, sequencing style, and PERSONAL brand

  • Trainees will Learn self-promotion strategies and will have the opportunity to take new head shots during an in-training photo shoot!

  • Trainees are provided a comprehensive manual covering all topics addressed during the seminars

  • A written exam is required for certification and can be taken at the end of Weekend 3 or at the start of Weekend 4

  • a live demo test out will take place on weekend 4 during which students will be able to show their progress by instructing other trainees in a portion of the “test out marathon”

  • PRIVATE 1-HOUR WORKSHOPS WITH A MASTER INSTRUCTOR CAN BE purchased by those seeking additional 1:1 coaching

  • Registration fees are non-refundable because it is a reserved spot and the training sells out

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is there a registration deadline?

A: No, we will accept registrations until the start of the training unless we sell out. HOWEVER, our last training sold out quickly and we have significantly reduced the number of slots for this training to allow for more quality 1:1 instruction.

Q: I want to be able to be able to teach anywhere, not just Hype. Will this training prepare me?

A: We have learned, from hiring amazing instructors with experience from other studios, that the technical aspects that vary studio to studio are not what makes an instructor great or popular among students. Therefore, we do not make these stylistic choices central to the training. While we do cover some vocabulary that may vary across studios, and do focus on safety parameters while on the bike, most of the training focuses on how to properly sequence an interval ride for maximum cardio output and calorie burn, how to motivate and interact with students to build a following, how to command a room and become comfortable bringing the energy up in small or low-energy classes, and how to harness one's individual knowledge and teaching style to think on their feet and make adjustments while teaching a fast-paced class. So, while there may be a few technical things that will vary slightly studio to studio, for the most part we lean into each trainee's personal style and help them refine their personal brand so they can have a cohesive and effective instructional approach that takes into account their music preference, their home studio's style, and their use of metrics.

Q: Do you teach coaching to metrics/monitors?

A: At Hype, we do not teach to metrics or use monitors to coach competitiveness among students. Our classes are cued based on Perceived Rate of Exertion (i.e. a 1-10 scale that leaves it to each rider to listen to their body and determine their 10) rather than power on a monitor. However, we have power meters and monitors on our bikes and trainees will be free to use them if this is the cueing style they are familiar with. The same cueing and sequencing techniques will apply: i.e. high resistance/exertion and high power would be cued at the same point in a sequence, such as when climbing a hill, and vice versa for moments of transition to lower resistance/exertion. What makes a great instructor is understanding when and how to toggle between low and high exertion and how to sequence a ride to keep it interesting without being impossible. This can be done with or without metrics.