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Join us in supporting an important cause - 2 ways to Get involved:

1. Sign up as an individual fundraiser or fundraising team and try to reach our fundraising goals of $500 per person (minimum $100 per person to participate) using the link below. Reserve your bikes in the studio and we'll help get you set up to start fundraising!

2. If you're not the fundraising type, you can reserve your bike with a minimum $100 donation.   Use the link below to donate and then reserve your bike in the studio!

The Buns Against Guns Hype Triathlon will consist of one hour of cycling, one hour of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), and one hour of yoga.  Can you handle it?!  Challenge yourself and see what kind of support you can engender from your deep-pocketed loved ones.   The event will be an absolute blast with an afterparty full of food and drinks from your favorite local restaurants and breweries. 

Moms Demand Action, in partnership with Everytown, is the largest and best funded gun control advocacy group in the nation.  They are seeking common sense laws in every state and are the organization best positioned to respond to the NRA's  lobbying efforts.  

Form teams, seek sponsors on your own, and help us combine our community's funds to give a meaningful donation to Moms Demand Action in support of the amazing grassroots work they are doing.  

Gun violence disproportionately impacts the most vulnerable among us.  The owners of Hype and many of our members have dealt firsthand with the effects of gun violence both in schools and in the community.   There is a groundswell taking place right now against the NRA and in support of common sense gun control, and the Hype family feels it is crucial to support this growing voice at such a turning point.Come help us amplify their voices through the work Moms Demand Action is doing and put an end to this country's legacy of madness in respect to guns. 

With Love and Excitement, 

The Hype Family



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