Workshops + Events

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Inversion Workshop

Turn your world upside down! This is the perfect place to face your fear or refine your fire for the practice of yoga inversions. A break down and prop supported instruction on the most popular yoga inversions used in classes: Headstand, Handstand, Forearmstand, and Shoulder stand. This class is for all levels. Even if you don't practice yoga but want to learn some cool party tricks, this is the one. Leah creates a safe, playful and encouraging space to not take yourself to seriously and play hard. See the world from a different point of view, go outside of your comfort zone, and go upside down.

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Join Reiki Master, Bahar Tabatabai, and Sound Practitioner, Shanila Sattar, for a special 75 minute workshop that infuses Reiki Energy, Sound Healing, the Last Quarter Moon and the end of Fall to manifest all your deepest desires.

Bahar will open the class with a brief discussion of the importance of the Last Quarter Moon and the end of the Fall Season, along with a guided practice journaling our intentions. Shanila will lead us in sound bath with 432hz crystal quartz singing bowls, gong, and other instruments curated to help relax the mind, ease the body, and get us into deep states of bliss, while Bahar leads a chakra cleansing meditation infused with Reiki. Shanila is a certified sound practitioner and brings sound baths all over Los Angeles. 

Additional Instructions: Please arrive 30 mins in advance in order to park, check in and secure your spot in the room. This is especially important if you are new to Hype. Please bring your own mats, pillows and extra blankets to be more comfortable. A limited number of mats, bolsters, blocks, and blankets will be provided. Dress comfortably. Reiki workshops sell out so we recommend reserving your spot in advance. Attendees must arrive by start time in order to claim spot.